Our Site Is Finally Here! March 23, 2011

We are Brooke and Brandi, the younger sisters of Brittany from TeenStarlet. We were introduced to the people from TeenStarlet and had our first shoot and we decided that we wanted our own site. It’s finally done and we’re so excited. It was so hard to keep quiet about this, but now that it’s finally here we can tell you all about it!!! Yippee!!

Every week we will be updating our with high-quality photos and HD video. You’ll be able to view our high-quality photos one at time, as a slideshow, or download a zip file for you to enjoy on your computer.

Our HD videos are available in Windows and Quicktime formats for download and you can watch them instantly right on our site. Plus you can download a smaller version for you to store on your mobile device (iPhone, PSP, Android) to enjoy wherever you are.

Since your opinions are so important to us you will be able to rate and post your comments on every update. This is great way for us to find out what you really like and for us to interact with you!

And don’t forget about our personal diary. You’ll be able to get an exclusive view into our daily life, thoughts, opinions and activities. It’s a great way to get to know us and find out what our secrets are.

Be sure to join today so you can get to know us. We can’t wait to meet you!

XOXO Brooke & Brandi